Inspire Program

When we think and move through space in a different, self assured way, we change both our perceptions and interactions. As our interactions change, so does our world. 

This program is tailored for every delivery, and has been developed over many years and takes a multi-faceted approach. 

1) Individual performance: coaching with a focus on embodied leadership, communication, health & wellbeing 

2) Team performance: A comprehensive set of programs to bring individuals and teams into alignment

Community models and CSR with the Lightning Fast Foundation 

We cover: 

- Resilience & stress management 

- Presentation skills and Confidence

- Health & Functional Movement Screening, including workplace assessments 

- Personal Training Programs, including healthy movement, yoga, nutrition and metabolic profiles

- Personal Value Frameworks, skills assessments, profiles

- Integrated performance:  increasing team performance in business & community

As part of the inspire program you will get access to the very best support in the industry. Alongside me is a global network of the very best professionals, tools and technology in the world.  We can address your own personal leadership, health and fitness so that mind and body are transformed together. 

Our core delivery principles mean we approach these key areas from an embodiment perspective.  We will look at goals, communication, relationships, relational leadership, personal health and wellbeing and move individuals and teams to a place of intentional living.