My passion is working with people on taking tangible steps, be that performance, or uncoveringtheir desires or inhibitors, or building toward their dreams and goals. 

I focus on tools using embodiment and deep listening and awareness. 

My core values are: openness, trust, integrity and ethical consent. 

The main qualification that I use in any work I do is that of an Embodied Facilitator (please see   I also draw on several other fields and disciplines as appropriate. If I can't directly assist I will tell you and refer. 

This multi-faceted approach delivers better results in a shorter time frame. 

When you learn to deeply listen to yourself, and your body, that trusting awareness of your ownwisdom, or the wisdom in a team, brings about the ability to make better choices, faster. 

 I only ever focus on supporting a very small number clients - individuals or teams - on theirjourney of leadership, personal development, and health and wellbeing.  

One to one sessions can be tailored for groups, community partnerships and corporateengagements. 

I also have an extensive network of contacts around the globe, developed over 20 years ofworking in my various fields, who can support my programs anywhere. 

  • Positivity: Value based engagement.
  • Performance: Alignment, measurement and achievement of goals
  • Proof: (re)Defining success:  This is a deeply personal journey - we work together to define success