3 steps. (To the heart of the matter)

by: Steve Savides on

3 steps. (To the heart of the matter) 

1) You must - *must!* - exercise the body. Take care of it. Maintain it. 

2) To do that you must free your mind.  Educate it. Grow in understanding.  


3) You must take care of your heart first. Not the mechanical machine. No. Your center of passion. Purpose. Your most sacred place. 


The heart is the place where something more than cognitive behaviour and mind-set resides.  This is where true belief resides.  This is the place where Love lives. Where determination comes from. 

That is why we say "they have heart" or "my heart isn't in it". We speak of "heart strings" and "broken hearts".

Only you know what is in your heart.  Make time to understand the three steps. They are unique for everyone 

~ what's stopping you?  

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