Embrace your inner rage

by: Steve Savides on

Embrace your inner rage 

Not leadership advice you hear too often. 

But unless you can accept it, you can't move past it. 

You have to know it's ok 
That it too, is legitimate

You may end up in a different place 
Knowing it's not personal
Not rational 

And that's ok 

It may lead you to forgiveness. Of yourself. Of others. 
Acceptance of unfair circumstances. Of things you cannot change. 

It may not 

You may find the irreconcilable thing. 

And know that even that is ok. 

You will come accept your own failures only when you acknowledge your fury. 

You can only start down the road to peace when you make peace with yourself. 

If you won't accept and embrace yourself, then who will?

© Copyright Steve Savides