Excellence as a habit

by: Steve Savides on

Believe in yourself.  Stay up all night and work outside of your habits, your boxes and your limitations.  Know when to speak up, and when to shut up. Learn to shout. Learn total stillness. Emotion follows motion and form follows function. Admit the bad ideas and find inspiration EVERYWHERE.  Be thankful.  Collaborate. Get creative; brainstorm, whiteboard and sketch. Don't procrastinate. Listen. Network, network, network.  Educate yourself.  Educate your client.  Educate your management. Be grateful. Be thankful, again. Do your homework, your research, your due-diligence; aim high. Every problem has a solution; every problem contains the solution. Leave no stone unturned. Hunt down every angle and explore every possibility. Appreciate. Acknowledge. Listen some more. Be passionate and explore with eternal curiosity.  Love, live and learn. Keep learning. Keep listening, then listen again. Speak less. Do more. Did I say be thankful? Trust your intuition. Learn your own voice. Use it. Ask for help. Question everything. Make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. Accept criticism. Accept what should be accepted, reject what should not be. Dedicate yourself completely to learning about the wisdom of things. Investigate. Inspire. Give. Find people who are going where you want to go, and go with them. Choose your friends wisely. Understand what matters to those that matter to you. 

 Never let your fears stand in the way of your dreams.

Focus.  Focus. Focus.  Your attitude determines your altitude, so -- place your attention carefully on your intention.  Where is your #intention? 

Now ask yourself - what's stopping you? 

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