Setting sail

by: Steve Savides on

Here, now,

this vessel breaks into open ocean, suddenly spilling from the sheltered bonds of that once safe harbour. 

Carried by the wind, finally free, catching the moon as it watches. Spinnaker lifting, tugging, leading me on; pulling me forward like the call of my heart. 

New lands and distant horizons await. What is gone is like a breath of morning mist, a memory of those months waiting to set sail. A new wind carries me and I recklessly embrace the open sea. 

Alone on shimmering waters, the sun will soon beat down on my beating heart, both glad and sad, spilled open like the tattered sails betrayed by that final storm. 

What was meant to be and not meant to be have blended, becoming a new storyline on my map. I chart my course and memories are released in their bottles; a thousand messages that drift on the tide. Traced ink testaments to the mysteries of once promised shores; sacred dreams bound for the distant islands we whispered of. 

All that is meant to be is here, now. I awake in the fresh dawn, pour my coffee and give my captains orders. I simply watch the moment, as it unfurls in the new day

Here, now

© Copyright Steve Savides