The fight

by: Steve Savides on

Sometimes you're not ready to stop fighting, even when you know you should, and that's ok. If the fight is in you and you can't express it in one way, you find another. But you have to express it, in whatever way you can , to get it out of you; you have to work it out for yourself.

You may have rage, and anger and even hatred. But eventually only you can come to the realisation that these things will destroy you. In the end, once you've defeated every enemy on the outside, you will have to face yourself. You will face your fears and come to realise you are seeking love.

So fight. You have to fight with all you have in you. You have to get it all out, so you can see where it is you're fighting, and why.

When you fight, know that life has its conditions. Just as you cannot escape gravity so you cannot escape these conditions. You must learn them.

You accept yourself as you see yourself.

You must learn to see past where you are

Life is for living. Find the balance that is right for you.

Only you can do this

May you fight the good fight this week. May you find victory within.


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