What I see

by: Steve Savides on

This is all there is. This immediate, embodied experience. Here. Now. 

Everything else is gone, or not yet here. Yet we see glimpses and glimmers and traces of it, just like the starlight that floods the universe and filters into our souls. The past. The present. The future. They all blend into one. 

And in this crowded space of empty nothingness where some are lonely, and some are secure in being alone; I see the same different story, carefully written out on the pages of our hearts. Woven gently into the tapestry of our lives.  Fiercely fought and died for in the sacred spaces of our lives. 

It is always the same theme: 

Everywhere I go everyone I meet is asking the same questions in different ways. With different actions.  Shrouded in anger and hurt; love and fear; joy and laughter; fun and games. 

I want to belong.  I want to know and be fully known 

Isn't it funny. At the end of the day; when all the work is done and all the songs are sung, that is all people really care about:  

Being fully seen. Fully known. Fully accepted. 

© Copyright Steve Savides