Connecting people and ideas to Trusted principles

I specialise in mindfulness, wellbeing, resilience and Trust based interventions for teams, communities and groups.

My facilitation style is dynamic, and I use practical techniques for immediate application and long lasting change.

Developing high performing leadership and culture, or deeply present connection both require application of the techniques I specialise in. You can also see The Global Trust Project for more on how I work with Trust on individual, community and organisational goals.





Trained in both the Thinking Environment and Embodied Coaching and HeartMath accredited. Advanced Breathwork Instructor

I coach business leaders, executives, founders, entrepreneurs, parents and young people, on finding purpose and performance. I specialise in science backed techniques that integrate mental, physical and emotional aspects of life.

Heart Match


Social Entrepreneur


Lightning Fast and The Global Trust Project

I consult and mentor leaders, businesses, charities and social enterprises on their business strategy and development. I actively work on community work with www.the globaltrustproject.org

Co-Founder of Fit to Lead

Fit to lead

Founder & CEO of The Global Trust Project

The Global Trust Project